Classic “Old West” Style Meets Modern Flair

Cowgirl bling is in! Bold prints, bright colors, modern shapes with classic style, the Tribal trend is hot for the 2014 summer collections. Bringing contemporary design to the casual yet chic, the newest spin on western wear is this season’s biggest expected surprise!

We’ve seen so many twists and turns put on classic western clothing this year. Some that have made ours hearts sing, and some that have been no more than a parody of cowgirl western fashion. But one thing we can always count on to look great and capture that wild west character is the nod to desert tones sprinkled with the richness of red and green turquoise, onyx and copper.

We call them Aztec prints, or Tribal designs. They invoke the essence of ancient southwest cultures and proud traditions, and we are naturally drawn to these symmetrical patterns of intense colors and muted hues.


Grace in LA Tangerine, Deep Red and Maroon Tribal Patterns

No one is doing it better this year than Grace in LA, Sierra Western Wear’s newest Brand addition. They are keyed into this trend with embellishments and designs  in their western jeans that bring you up to date in this newest spin on traditional style.

Paired with solid tanks or western shirts, you are right on target without overstating. Top off your look with a fashionable cuff bracelet and a stunning rich colored beaded necklace. All available, of course, at Sierra Western Wear!

bracelets necklaces


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Fall Season Western Fashions

The fall season is here at last and you know what that means…!  It’s time to bundle up in all your favorite cold-weather western fashions.

reverseWe have new arrivals from Cowgirl Tuff, Panhandle Slim, Jack Daniel’s and more to keep you nice and warm as we move our way through autumn and on into the cold winter months! Break out your hot coco and slip in some of the comfy cool-weather outerwear at Sierra Western Wear.

Start the season off in style with this reversible zip jacket from Cowgirl Tuff. Black on one side and brilliant turquoise on the other make this a versatile addition to any cowgirl’s wardrobe. The jacket features square stitching throughout jpared-1stuffed with a poly filling to give it  a ‘puffy’ appearance and added warmth, while still showing off your curves. Turquoise is a popular color this fall, along with a deep, almost burgundy, red; and you will find a lot of these colors across brands in the new Fall lines!

Ldeepredike the Cowgirl Tuff Paisley Red jean and the Panhandle Slim Deep Red long sleeve Dip Dyed lightweight heather jersey with a v-neck, which would look great together. Of course this comfortable light Jersey looks great with just about anything, and another great choice would be the Rock & Roll cowgirl Mid Rise Medium Wash Boot cut with Leather and Rhinestone abstract Cross back pockets. The screenprint is embellished with Silver Rhinestuds for that extra ‘pop’.

chDon’t miss the new lineup of western sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies from Cowgirl hardware wither, in an array of colors and designs featuring crosses, wings, and other cowgirl bling things!

jackOf course we don’t want to forget our Cowboys. We’ve got new sweatshirts from B Tuff and Jack Daniel’s to keep our boys cozy when they are out on the range or a fall football game. The ever popular Jack Daniels signature black western hoodie should be one of your wardrobe staples; and maybe one for your guy, too!  Or perhaps he would like the B Tuff Hoodie. Either one will look good on him and allow you to snuggle up to something soft while you look through our other fall selections.

Holidays are right around the corner, so make your choices now! And once you’ve got your western clothing all picked out, you can spend your time just enjoying the season.

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Wild Western Accessories

pistolsThey say your accessories can make or break your outfit—and at Sierra Western Wear, we’ve got you covered from head to toe! With a wide selection of western caps, scarves, jewelry and other adornments, we’ve got the perfect match to pair with any western 42857boutfit or style. Whether you’re a rhinestone girl into the cowgirl bling, or if you prefer beads and stones, you’re sure to find a piece that compliments your fashion and personality… or maybe two, or three!

So you’ve got on your new pair of Cowgirl Tuff jeans, your best pair of Ferrini boots, and you’re looking to spend a night out with the cowgirls; you just need the perfect western accessories to pull everything together! Add a little ‘bang bang’ to your ensemble with our new rhinestone pistol earrings. These little revolvers are sure to come in handy in a showdown! And if they don’t give you enough gun power, pair them up with a couple of smokin’ barrels on one of our vintage western military caps!

If you60644b’re looking for a little western charm, you’ll find plenty of it in our selection of stretch charm bracelets! With silver western-themed charms including boots, horseshoes, spurs and crosses, these bracelets compliment any modern cowgirl. These turquoise beaded bracelets come on a flexible elastic band, and are versatile enough to be used as a necklace, anklet, or even to jazz up your cowgirl boots!bex

When you’re ready to call it a day, you can ride off into the sunset in comfort and style with our selection of BEX sunglasses. These babies offer a sleek design and ultra scratch resistant lenses—just in case you get bucked off! Sporting titanium frames and nylon polarized lenses that offer superior protection against glare, there’s a reason these shades are favored by seasoned rodeo pros!

Head on over to our western accessories page and grab some of this cowgirl bling for yourself!

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Born to Shine

stripeGlitz and glitter, Embellishment and Cowgirl Bling; nothing new for Women’s apparel in general, or Western Wear specifically. Some Cowgirls are well known by the ‘Sparkle’ they show off! But it seems that things in the Dazzle department have moved up a notch or two lately. Summer’s last Hurrah perhaps, or an aesthetic marshaled to keep things bright and shiny, inside and out, a little longer?

Lots of glam and shimmer is something in my mind usually reserved for those lucky and talented enough to end up in the Winners spotlight or just for the Holidays; but I seem to have been consigned to the boring seats. Somewhere along the way it has become not only fashionable to twinkle at will, but expected; and downright ignorable without!

db402resizedBlinged-out Cowgirl tops, dresses and western jeans are a must have regardless of season or reason anymore! Taylor Swift’s status as enchanting Country/Pop Princess and Miranda Lambert’s trend setting attitude and attire have encouraged this style to new heights, especially in the Western clothing market.

Now that’s great news for us here at Sierra Western Wear; and for all our customers too, who have a wide assortment of ornamentation to choose from. If you idolize the ‘Gun Powder and Lead’ kick-butt strength of Ms. Lambert, (or Mrs. Shelton to those in the know!), You might find yourself checking out our newest brand addition, Gypsy Soule.

Born from a mix of righteous Rock n Roll and the inspiration of early Besty Johnson, blended with a heavy dose of Barrel Racer Bling, Gypsy Soule is a flamboyant line of western clothing and accessories full of attitude for today’s confident Cowgirl. Wearing Gypsy Soule is not for wallflowers; be prepared to sport some serious cowgirl bling! Beaded bracelets, neon bangles, vintage colors and full of Free Spirit, Gypsy Soule will spur you to new levels of self assured adventure and accomplishment!

adj1209481-1If you’re a little less colorful, accessorizing your rhinestone adorned Cowgirl Tuff or Adiktd Jeans with bejeweled tops and jewelry might be your choice of trimming! Crystal crusted crosses and necklaces, with lots of sparkle on your bags and boots to match! It’s a Glitter Cowgirl’s dream!

I probably don’t have to tell you that you can find all those goodies and more right here at Sierra Western Wear! But I will, anyway!

Glitter On. Cowgirls!

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Wear Your Western Shirt!

Today’s versatile casual styles give us a lot of flexibility in where we can wear what we love to wear. Quite a mouthful, but true!

2Take a Western shirt, for instance. Most people outside of Texas might think that a western shirt is for a day on the ranch or a night at the local version of ‘Gilly’s’; but we are here to tell you different. You can wear your western shirt just about anywhere, and keep your pride right up there in place with your comfort and style. You just have to have the right shirt.

Any city Cowboy who would like to fit in at the office can still have subtle western styling on a white oxford shirt that will play in the board room as easily as the rodeo ring. Choose one in a soft blue Denim, and you’re showing your individualism while still being ready to hop in the saddle. These daytime business styles can be bought with pearlized snaps, classic ‘Stetson styled’ pockets, and some even have subtle stitching to mimic yoke designs.4

For an un-buttoned look, try a more classic western styling in a soft flannel, or of course, a great plaid print. Paired with khaki’s, they are a perfect school or casual work look, and all you need to do is put on your cowboy hat to go from town to corral.

If you are thinking about putting yourself more center stage, take advantage of the classic Western shirt embellished with some extra bling to compliment traditional embroidery. Lots of rhinestones and crystals can bring out that country flavor in your ensemble, or you can go ultra-chic with silver studs and maybe a little ‘fringe’.  Adding a vest to the mix can change the whole look, and let your western flair make a full on Statement!3

Color is no drawback either, and even the most Macho cowboy can get away with a baby blue or even a little lavender these days. For the savvy Cowgirl, bringing in more complimentary colors in your boots will tie 1the outfit together – and push your subtle western flavor into high gear.

No matter where you wear what you like to wear, bringing your inner cowgirl or cowboy with you is an easier choice these days.  Check out all the options on our webstore at

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High Kickin’ Boot Bling

blog-boot1Used to be, brown goes with everything; if everything was denim and boot-cut! And if it didn’t, black would. That was pretty much it. While we all still love our traditional, sturdy, mud kickin’ Cowboy boots, there is a lot to be said for many of the new options available that can make a statement for any occasion.

Boots, specifically Cowboy Boots (are there really any other kind?) are now ‘Fashion’, and no where is that more apparent than in the designs and colors we see in the newest offerings by major boot manufacturers. Boots are acceptable wear out on the town as much as on horseback; and now even Brides have been known to stomp down a few isles. But these new boots are bringing the

You can find studs and crystals and sparkles and floral prints; bold colored options like these “Ferrini” Ladies Black Print Caiman Boots with a Pink Sequined Cross.

Or these eye-catching ‘Pecos Bill’ brown and black boots that come with a striking turquoise inlay.

The Western Fashion boots still offer hand crafting, a leather shaft, foot and lining and quality stitching for hard use if needed, as well as maintaining a standard heel for comfortable walking or riding. But they go that little extra step. You walk into any tack store, business meeting or fundraising luncheon with your head held high. You can can match these boots to the newest season colors, like ‘watermelon’ or ‘teal’, and even pair these ‘Ferrini’ Brown Leather boots with Black and Bronze Inlay with that Little Black Dress for a night out!

blog-boot3Styles are so versatile, a ‘dressy’ pair can now be an essential part of any real cowgirls dress up plan! They are fancy, and fun; but still let you be the cowgirl you are. And you can pair them with other authentic quality western wear products with pride.

If you are a little more conservative in your cowgirl style, and want to leave the blingin’ boots to someone else, there are still plenty of choices that should make you feel right at home. These ‘Ferrini’ Print Python Cross boots, Gold Embossed & Cross boots or the Eagle Inlay boots might fill the bill.


No matter your style, you can find just the right boots from today’s selections to meet your most important needs or most desperate wants. And you can find them all right here at Sierra Western Wear!

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